The objective of this PAH risk calculator is to provide an evidence based screening tool for PAH in SSc patients. The PAH risk calculator may not be used to make a diagnosis of PAH and does not replace specialist PAH clinical judgement. This PAH risk calculator has been developed based on the DETECT Study under the auspices of an Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Switzerland, sponsored Study Scientific Committee, comprising SSc and PAH experts and specialists. This PAH risk calculator is intended for use only by healthcare professionals. It is recommended to use the PAH risk calculator in centres specialized in the management of SSc, and/or centres that work closely with these specialized SSc centres.

This electronic programme has been produced by Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Switzerland and was launched in June 2013. Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd does not assume any responsibility for its future use if content becomes outdated or is amended by another party. It is therefore recommended that the user ensures continued accurateness. Data entered into this programme can be saved locally by the physicians using the calculator, and will not be accessible to employees of Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.