PAH risk calculator apps

PAH risk calculator apps are tools for your daily clinical practice. The PAH risk calculator helps you to decide which of your SSc patients should be evaluated using echocardiography, and of those patients who should be referred for right heart catheterization.

PAH risk calculator app has been designed for iPhone (version 4 and higher), iPad (all versions) and Android phones (version 2.3 and higher). For Apple devices, iOS 5 or higher is required.

Using the PAH risk calculator apps

The applications are free and can be downloaded from the Apple Store, from the Google play store or by using the following links:

For guidance on how the PAH risk calculator works, please refer to the dedicated page How it works in the WHAT IS DETECT section of this website.

Need help?

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the PAH risk calculator application or if you have any suggestions, please let us know by emailing us at the following address: [email protected]